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Fast forward to the 1940s — that’s when chemical treatments were first introduced to control pests. Over time chemical methods for rodent control or termite treatment became a fast and easy way to kill pests. This has led to a long period of dependency on chemicals as the traditional method for how to kill ants, how to kill bed bugs, and how to kill roaches, among other household or office pests.

Alternative Pest Control Offers an Effective Solution

Pests like mice, roaches or termites are not only destructive, but can cause serious health risks to you and your family. The good news is that you no longer have to add to these health risks by dousing your home in chemicals that linger where your family and pets can be exposed. Children can be especially susceptible to the pesticides that many companies use, especially children under six years old with still-developing central nervous systems. The director of the Yale Center for Children’s Environmental Health, John Wargo, advises, “More than 90% of pesticides and their inert ingredients are never tested for the effects on developing nervous systems. Children are more affected by exposure to such chemicals because they are smaller and their organs are not mature.”

More and more people are not only worried about these health issues when faced with how to kill roaches, how to kill ants or how to kill bed bugs, but about how to best protect the environment as well. This is especially true in Southern California where the Monarch butterfly spends its winters.

Ecola is a leader in effective alternate solutions including natural termite control, rodent control, and bed bug removal. Solutions such as Ecola Heat, have proven to be just as effective as traditional chemical solutions.

Call Ecola Termite and Pest Control today for a termite inspection (800)332-BUGS (2847) or visit online at If you need to control pest termite, our certified technicians can explore all our alternative pest control options with you. There is no better way to protect your children, pets, and home investment than by choosing a trusted alternative solution to pest control from Ecola.



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