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Keeping the home you love pest-free takes year round vigilance. Understanding bug behaviors and their life cycles will help you know which pests are most likely to appear at certain times of the year. Because of our California climate, many of our pests, unfortunately, thrive year round. There are some seasonal fluctuations, though, and as more people have homes in suburban and rural areas surrounded by woods, decks, mulch beds and decorative landscaping, pest activity is on the rise.

Spring: Spring has the dubious honor of being the season in which all pests are a problem. This is the time of year when outdoor pests reproduce. It is during spring that you will especially want to know how to kill ants and how to kill roaches, as these pests like the moisture of the season.

Summer: This is the time of year to be on the lookout for wasps and bees. You might notice nests in the eaves of your porch or in your attic. Wasp colonies left unchecked will produce a new queen that will begin a new colony to plague you. Termite control is also important in summer, as they will build nests in nearby tree stumps and mulch, where they will then look to enter your home.

Fall: Rodent control is a fall problem because the animals begin to seek shelter and a warm place to nest for winter. While you may not see them during the day, you might hear them within your walls at night and see their droppings in the morning. Because rodents spread disease, you need to eradicate them immediately.

Winter: Winter is the perfect season for pests to take refuge in your home during cooler weather, especially in the northern parts of the state. Roaches, rodents and fleas are settling in for warmth, food and water.

Ecola to the Rescue

Even though many pests are seasonal, once they are in your home, they can survive and reproduce all year round. There are also some pests like bed bugs for whom season is irrelevant. Bed bugs are hard to get rid of on your own, so it’s best to hire experts like Ecola that know how to kill bed bugs.

Pests like bed bugs and termites can quickly erode the value of your home, but Ecola specializes in both natural termite control and bed bug removal to solve your infestation. When you suspect you have a termite problem, Ecola can conduct a termite inspection to determine how extensive your problem is and what the best method of termite treatment is for you. With Ecola, it’s easy to control pest termites and insects to protect your home.


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