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Ecola Termite and Pest Control Rodent Awareness

Rodent control is a fall problem because the animals begin to seek shelter and a warm place to nest for winter. While you may not see them during the day, you might hear them within your walls at night and see their droppings in the morning. There is barely any structure that is invincible because rats can squeeze themselves easily through a crack of only 1/4”.

Rodents are mostly nocturnal, so they can remain hidden from your view during the day. However, you might hear them scampering around inside your walls at night and you’ll see their droppings when you wake up in the morning. If you notice evidence of a rodent in your home, you’ll want to call a pest control service immediately—before the rodent decides to start its own family in the walls of your home. Nobody likes to think of their home as vulnerable to rodents, which is why Ecola has provided you with 5 tips to prepare for you for Rodent Awareness week!

Here are 5 simple things you can do to help prevent a rodent infestation in
your home:

1. Declutter – Clutter provides pests with many places to hide out. One of
the first steps toward rodent control is to remove their food and nesting
sources by cleaning out the pantry, attic, and basement of unwanted
clutter while storing supplies in sealed containers.

2. Seal cracks around your home – Every home has unwanted openings
and cracks in screens, weather stripping, and around doors and
windows where pests can find their way into your home.

3. Maintain your backyard – Trim your bushes, eliminate standing water,
keep the lawn mowed, and remove debris. You’ll not only eliminate
pests but improve the beauty of your home.

4. Move firewood away from your house – While stacking the wood near
your home is convenient, it is also a cozy place for rodents to hide. Keep
your firewood twenty feet from your home and proceed with caution
before bringing logs inside.

5. Inspect your home – You are only a phone call away from having a
skilled professional identify your pest risks and prevent rodents from
entering your home in the future.

For Rodent Awareness Week, Ecola is offering new customers $100 off any rodent exclusion or termite service. So call for your free inspection today at 1-800-332-BUGS (2847), fill out the attached form or visit TermiteLady.com. Escrows excluded.



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