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As in so many other areas in our lives, eco-friendly choices are on the upswing. Healthier and more natural choices are popping up in almost all markets, and the pest control industry is no exception. After all, your home is your sanctuary and a green termite control solution is so much better than fumigation.

Green Solutions to Termite & Pest Control

When confronted with a serious pest infestation in your home such as termites or rodents, it’s only natural to want to throw a nuclear solution at them to ensure their eradication. The only problem is such solutions prove to be risky for you and your family. In fact, John Wargo, director of the Yale Center for Children’s Environmental Health advocates that children are more affected by exposure to chemical pesticides because their bodies are still developing. He states, “More than 90% of pesticides and their inert ingredients are never tested for their effects on developing nervous systems.” That’s reason enough to choose natural termite control when possible.

Ecola is a Leader in Green Termite Solutions

Ecola has focused on natural, family-friendly pest solutions since its inception in 1983. The alternatives used for termite control, rodent control, as well as for many other pests, include heat, electricity, borates, botanicals and the installation of TAP Insulation.

For instance, Ecola’s heat process kills adult termites and their eggs by heating the temperature in your home or a room in your home to about 180 degrees. It takes about 8 hours, so you can leave for work and school in the morning and come back at the end of the day. The termites are gone without the need to stay in a hotel and put your beloved pet in a kennel because all they utilize is clean hot air.

There’s a saying in the pest control business that there are only two kinds of houses: those with termites and those that will get termites. Call Ecola at 1-800-332 BUGS (2847) for a free termite inspection. Should you need termite treatment, your Ecola licensed inspector will prescribe the individualized natural termite control method that’s best for your home and family.


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