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About ECOLA - ECOLA Services, Inc. A Tradition of Excellence

ECOLA SERVICES, INC. was incorporated on March 28,1983 with a mission to provide Southern California communities with Alternative to traditional chemical-based termite and pest control treatments. What was once a small operation grew quickly. We now offer services to San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Diego and Orange counties.


The management of ECOLA SERVICES, INC. consists of licensed operators with over 60 years of experience in all areas of the pest control industry. We are active members of the Local, State, and National Pest Control Associations, as well as a BBB Accredited Business.

Ecola Team

Although many national companies successfully use alternative methods for controlling termites, we at ECOLA SERVICES, INC. consider ourselves to be The Alternative Methods Specialists. By using a combination of treatment techniques we feel we can be more effective in controlling termites in most structures with the least amount of chemicals in our environment. We currently use ECOLA HeatTM, Microwave, Electro-Gun, Borates (Salt Treatments), Foam Applications, Orange Oil, and EcoSMART Products. As new technology brings additional friendly methods we plan to add them to our tool box.

ECOLA SERVICES, INC. is licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of California, a division of the Department of Consumer Affairs, by ETEX LTD., the manufacturer of the Electro-Gun equipment and by TPE for our ECOLA HeatTM treatment process.

Ecola Team

All of our service technicians are licensed applicators through the Structural Pest Control Board and local Agricultural Departments, and are also trained and certified by ETEX LTD. in the use of the Electro-Gun equipment. ECOLA is certified in Heat treatments also.

ECOLA SERVICES, INC. is fully bonded and insured for your protection.

Our primary objective at ECOLA SERVICES, INC. is to rid your structure of termites. We have found, after experimentation with the old and the new technologies, that in most cases our effective non-chemical alternatives are the most convenient and economical methods. One of our licensed inspectors will determine the best method for your situation. They will explain the process and answer all of your questions, as well as discuss any preparations that may be necessary.

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San Diego 2012 Award Angie's List 2012 Women in Business Award 2013

What Our Clients Are Saying



“We had three different termite companies give us estimates. I went with your company because it was the only one that gave me an estimate the same day plus the price was negotiable and reasonable. Tyson was even available after hours. We didn’t have to wait long to schedule the job. Luis was extremely professional and thorough. I will recommend this company to my associates. Nice job!”
— Betty Smith, Licensing Program Analyst, Orange County Inland Adult & Senior Care Region

“On behalf of all of us at Beachside HOA in Hermosa Beach, I want to thank you and your team for the fine service we have always received from ECOLA. Joe Pinero and Jaime (technician) went above and beyond to make certain that treatment was applied to our roof area in a timely fashion during our re-roof project. This was especially important as it is the rainy season and our roof is open. Because of your staff's kind consideration, we have been able to stay on task and on schedule for City inspection. Rest assured that I will continue to send referrals your way”
— Barbara S., Beachside HOA (January 2013)

“I love it when a company is organized and cares about you more than their own convenience. I chose Ecola Termite and Pest to get rid of my pest problems because they have a great offer on the Radio. They provided me a nice discount (SWEET!!) than they flexed to my changes not once, not twice, but three times so we could get our house sprayed for these pesky bugs and spiders…I love these guys.”
— Terry H., Huntington Beach (Daily News Testimonial, Readers Choice 2012)

A letter from the LA Community Outreach Center
— Angela Dean, Director of Operations (August 2012)

“Thank You for a job well done, my family was very happy with the work.”
—Judy C., Oceanside (February 2011)

“Thank you for your service over the years and renewal reminder notice.
The Mira Sol property has been sold. Your name and contact information was given to the new owner along with my recommendation to continue your service. Again, thank you for your service and perhaps we will do business again at some future point.”
— Roger M., Moorepark (December 2010)

Join Our Team!

We are always looking for great individuals that can fit in with our team. We are growing steadily and can provide a lot of opportunity for the right person. Benefits include: medical, dental, vision, 401k and bonuses. Experience in termite and pest control services is not a must, but you must be willing to learn how to care about our employees and customers and provide great service. The position offered are:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Termite Technician
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Sales Inspector
  • Annual Termite Inspector

A good candidate should possess great communication skills, have a desire to learn and grow, and have good problem solving skills. The application should be printed and filled out completely. A clean DMV record must be provided, and all applicants if hired, will be Live scanned. Applicants must also have dependable vehicle to get to work. Please send your contact information, resume and picture to Lavila@ecolatermite.com or Termite Lady.

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