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Article provided by: SIA Wildlife Control inc.

Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill

Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill

SIA Wildlife Control offers the best raccoon removal in Richmond Hill that is safe and ethical (read more at By utilizing a one way door system, our team at SIA Wildlife Control can seamlessly remove wildlife.

Our live trap system is made with one hundred percent carbon steel mesh that protects our staff members and protects the animal from harm.

What makes our physical barriers special is the steel mesh material that doesn’t rust over time, even when exposed to the elements. The position of the mesh is practically unnoticeable, as it can blend into the background of your home’s exterior or underside. They are normally noticeable to wildlife control experts and trained eyes. The material can be painted to blend better.

Raccoons are nocturnal animals, which means that they are active during the night. During the darkest hours of the night, raccoons will make their way into places they are highly unwanted, like your home or yard.

Safe Catch and Release Live Trap

With the live trap system put in place by our team at SIA Wildlife Control, raccoons will be able to enter the trap in the early night or early morning hours. Raccoons will scurry back to their homes in the trees, attics, decks and sheds before daylight. These are the best times for the live trap to attract raccoons and allow for a swift raccoon removal in Richmond Hill. Raccoons are unable to exit the cage once trapped. Exceptionally, there are no guaranties with live trap services.

Raccoons can also burrow under porches, homes, and other covered areas of your property. In these cases, it is possible to find a whole family of raccoons living together as a unit. When these mischievous creatures dig their way underneath your deck, our service technicians at SIA Wildlife Control will install a mesh screening on your property. The screen will essentially contain the entire entry area of your deck with an attached one way door. The one way door will evict the animal from the deck within 7 days, guaranteed!

A warranty from our company comes with all of our physical work; raccoon removal, wildlife removal services that we will fully stand behind. As long as the system isn’t tampered with, you can expect effective services from the strategies we utilize.

Prevention Service Packages Offered

Our company makes it possible to take preventative measures against intrusive wildlife, such as raccoons. Taking precautions to deter animals from invading your personal space and property can allow you to save time and money in the future. Taking action beforehand can prevent serious damage that these wild animals have been known to cause homeowners.

With our preventative package, we utilize multiple methods to repel raccoons, squirrels, and other annoying pests. You would be shocked by the massive odors left behind from one single rodent or animal. Customers will successfully protect their home, their valuables, and their loved ones from the potential dangers and hazards of wildlife infestations.

Obtain a Free Quote for Services

You can click here to fill out an online contact form to get in touch with our staff at SIA Wildlife Control. It is also possible to give us a call at +1-647-715-6262 for a quote or an appointment. In addition to offering raccoon removal in Richmond Hill, our company can help with pest control services.

Raccoon Removal Richmond Hill
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