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Article provided by: Thompson Valley Restoration DKI

mold removal Kamloops

mold removal Kamloops

Mould is a common household problem that is down to poor ventilation, moisture, or leaks in the air. All buildings, old or new, are at risk from mould. Most often, it occurs in the bathroom, kitchen, lofts, basement, and any other premises where there is a damp stagnant atmosphere.

Mould is also known to have a negative impact on human wellbeing and could be crucial for people with more severe health conditions. At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd, our Kamloops mould removal service will destroy all the fungus in your house and leaving your home free of any traces. If you suspect that your business or home has a mould problem, we have the equipment and expertise that no one in Kamloops has to handle the situation. 

What Causes Mould?

Mould in the home is caused by excess moisture due to a shortage of air ventilation and other types of damp. However, the most common cause of mould is due to how we build our house and the way we live in it. A shower and cooker can generate large quantities of water vapor. When this vapor comes into contact with a colder surface, it will condense and leave beads of water behind. And when the water comes in contact with organic material, such as wallpaper or wall paint, the area will start to feel damp over time, in turn, creates an ideal environment for mould.

Mould Health Hazards

We are not a medical practitioner, but the only advice we can give you here is generally. First, inhaling or ingesting mould spores has long been associated with ill health in humans. This is particularly prominent amongst those with respiratory conditions such as asthma. Adverse health effects of direct contact with mould include:

  • Red or bloodshot eyes
  • Tiredness and Discomfort 
  • Skin inflammation and rashes
  • Soreness and eye inflammation 
  • Respiratory and circulatory problems

How To Identify Mould

Mould is usually dark green or black in appearance when active. It will appear powdery and dry in its inactive state. Unfortunately, mould is not immediately visible when active in hidden spots. Therefore, spotting mould in the house sometimes requires a degree of vigilance. 

How To Get Rid Of Mould

You must first tackle the source of the moisture to stop mould from occurring. As a leader in water damage and mold removal, we offer a holistic service where a qualified and trained mould lead and asbestos removal specialist in Kamloops will investigate your property to identify the source of the moisture leading to the mould growth. At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd, we offer immediate mould removal services in Kamloops and Salmon Arm. We can identify, remove, and treat mould growth anywhere in your property.

Why Choose Us?

Mould growth is a serious issue that can have direct consequences on your health and your home. At Thompson Valley Restoration DKI Ltd, we are Kamloops mould removal, water fire, and smoke restoration specialists. Our professionals use advanced equipment to identify the source of moisture and isolate the affected area. Call us today to get your free professional consultation, or for more details on our mould treatments service. 


mold removal Kamloops
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mold removal Kamloops
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