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RodentsFollow These Steps To Keep Out Rodents

Rodents can bother you any time of year but usually invade during the fall and winter. Larger mouse infestations and rats may require several visits by an Ecola technician.

You can minimize your risk of rodents entering your home by following the guidelines below:

Protect Against Rodents

  • Avoid storing piles of items (e.g. firewood) next to foundations as these can serve as harborage for rats and mice.
  • Ensure that all doors (including the garage) have tight-fitting weather strips across the bottom.
  • Seal openings and cracks in the building exterior that are ¼ inch or larger, especially those near the foundation.
  • Close openings around plumbing pipes that enter walls under sinks and other locations. Mice often use pipes to traverse from room to room.
  • Don’t allow pet foods to remain in bowls outside for extended periods.

To Prepare For An Ecola Service To Control Rodents

  • Clean any food particle accumulation under the refrigerator or stove.
  • Straighten any clutter in the bottom of closets or storerooms to allow access for an ECOLA Representative.
  • Access to Attic
  • Garage

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