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CricketsCricket sizes vary though usually no larger than 1-1/2 inches in length. Crickets are usually black or brown in color. Crickets are rectangular in shape, with large black legs that help them jump (much like a grasshopper) and long, thin antennas. Crickets enter buildings through small cracks or holes when searching for food or shelter. You may find crickets in your laundry, as they have been known to feed on clothing. Crickets normally live in wooded areas or fields, away from people. Eliminate stacks of trash, bricks, tall weeds, stones, rocks, wood, and rubble. Stack firewood as far away from the home as possible! If crickets don’t have a safe place to live near your home, it is less likely for them to find their way into your home. Eliminate means of entry to your home. Make sure that all cracks and holes are filled. Because crickets are attracted to light, you may want to install “bug” lights on the outside of your home. These lights have a softer glow to them and they don’t attract as many insects.

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