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Carpet Beetles

Carpet BeetleCarpet beetles are round beetles that produce larvae that can grow up to 1/4-inch in length; the adults grow to 1/4-inch as well. While generally tan in color, they are covered by tiny black, brown, and white scales, and have numerous tufts of stiff hairs, or bristles on the body. Pests such as carpet beetles aren’t particularly dangerous, but they can cause permanent damage to fabric items like clothing, carpet, upholstered furniture, etc. These beetles digest animal hairs, feeding on almost any item made of natural fibers, but they can particularly be found among wool and cashmere. Carpet beetles are normally found outdoors in birds’ nests and animal dens where hairs and feathers are found in abundance. In the home, these pests will go wherever they can find natural fiber fabrics that they can eat. Carpet beetles also like to live under carpeting, as well as any space where pet hairs may have accumulated. These pests require an extensive service to completely be eradicated.

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