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Our expert technicians can develop solutions that will minimize or eliminate the use of chemicals in your home or business. So, whether you’re chemically sensitive, immune compromised, have asthma, or are just concerned about the use of chemicals, let ECOLA be the guardians of your environment. Call today to discover why ECOLA was named "Best Green Exterminator" by LA Magazine.

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  Green Exterminating with Ecola Termite See why ECOLA has been voted best Green Exterminator for multiple years in a row! Tune into this episode of the Home Pro Show to see ECOLA’s alternative approach to termite and pest control.    

Rodent control is a fall problem because the animals begin to seek shelter and a warm place to nest for winter. While you may not see them during the day, you might hear them within your walls at night and see their droppings in the morning. There is barely any structure that is invincible because Read More »

October is American Cheese Month and we, at Ecola, can’t help but turn our thoughts to rodent control. Maybe it was Tom and Jerry who led us to believe that mice and rats love cheese, and many people use cheese as bait when trying to catch rodents who have invaded their house. But is this Read More »

“As a company, Ecola has such good values. It is focused on both its customers and employees. I am fortunate to work where excellence and growth are encouraged, and the culture is one of cooperation and respect.” -Daniel Soto Even though we encourage self-improvement every day at Ecola, September is self-improvement month. So for the Read More »

It’s amazing how much better the world can be when courtesy takes top priority. We at Ecola strive to make every month courtesy month. We only wish household pests would share the same sentiment and have the courtesy to stay away. Every homeowner has experienced the audacious way some pests such as ants or rodents Read More »

Not every pest you encounter at home will require the expert services of a pest professional. There are those lurking in your yard that just want to drop into your next BBQ in the hope they might feast on your food and family. Every spring and summer insect populations blossom causing frustration for those who Read More »

The connection between blueberries and termites is more direct than one would think. In order to thrive, blueberries need full sun and plenty of water—the very thing that also promotes the growth of weeds. These weeds, especially ones with long roots such as dandelions or Bermuda grass, rob blueberry plants of water and nutrients. To Read More »

Termites may be tiny, but they can cause serious destruction to your home. Even worse, they are called silent invaders for a reason—they can infiltrate your home and wreak plenty of havoc without you noticing. Fortunately, there are a few surefire signs these have pests are in your midst. At Ecola Termite and Pest Control Read More »

Many people mistakenly believe that since rodents most often enter homes in the fall and winter, looking for warmth and shelter, that they leave again when the weather turns warmer. But this is not the case. Rodents who’ve enjoyed the comfort of your hospitality throughout the winter are likely to stay put in the nests Read More »

While each season of the year is beautiful in its own right, spring is favored by most people. The world experiences a renewal with the blooming flowers and fluttering butterflies. Birds singing and bright sunshine facilitate a sense of rebirth that makes the world seem right. Therefore, it’s time for spring cleaning – both indoors and Read More »

Some Dads may dream about the elaborate toolset.  For others, the latest tech gadget is what might strike their fancy. But here’s the greatest of all possible Father’s Day gifts – peace of mind. Fathers work hard all year. Their biggest concerns are maintaining the health and well-being of their family and protecting the value Read More »

Termites are not your run-of-the-mill pest. These bugs can cause major problems in your home, like structural damage that requires costly repairs. Ecola Termite and Pest Control Services recommends that homeowners in Southern California schedule a termite inspection to address infestations before they cause significant damage. For more than 60 years, these pest control technicians Read More »

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