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Sue Fries encourages homeowners to get tough with termites!  Check out Sue on The Home Pros Show of San Diego.    

The Brown Widow Spider in California; Simple Steps for Protection   By: Susan Fries   Did you know there is a spider twenty times more common than the black widow?   Latrodectus geometricus, otherwise known as the brown widow spider, is a non-native cousin of the infamous black widow. Since its discovery in Southern California in 2003, Read More »

Click below to read about California’s recent restriction on second generation rodenticide, and ECOLA’s innovative treatment method using Vitamin D3!   New Rodenticide Regulation in California    

Aggressive Ant Variety Spreads to Orange County By: Susan Fries The Big-Headed Ant, otherwise known as one of the “World’s [100] Worst” invaders, has been spotted in Orange County! Harboring several fertile queens, this aggressive species has the potential to form super-colonies and disrupt the biodiversity of your home. As of this month, state officials Read More »

Congratulations to Susan Fries for receiving honorable mention in the San Francisco Book Festival 2014 for Learning to Breathe! In her book, Learning to Breathe, Sue uncovers her family’s heart-felt journey caring for her son who suffered from asthma, a chronic and life-threatening disease. Determined not to become a victim, Sue sought out to learn everything Read More »

Carpenter Bees By: Susan Fries When you hear the word “bee”, we mostly likely think about the honeybees, which are social and largely-beneficial insects. However, there is a solitary and destructive bees species called the carpenter bee. There are 7 species distributed throughout the North America but you may have never noticed them because carpenter Read More »

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